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Welcome to Little Hearts & Hands Academy

Unlocking Curiosity

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We were blessed to expand our learning center to a fully staffed and enrolled academy in August of 2020. We are continuously growing and enjoy providing a safe and family-oriented atmosphere while continuing into formal education.

For good kids to become excellent students, they need exceptional teachers and leaders to guide them. Little Hearts and Hands attracts and retains some of the best and most caring teachers.

We are an independent school for grades Pre-K through 5th grade that fosters high academic achievement, develops creative and critical thinking skills, and emphasizes balanced growth- intellectually, physically, emotionally and socially for every student.

We believe parents are the primary educators of their children physically, emotionally, academically, socially and spiritually. Our school should be an extension of your home. We want to partner with parents as they pursue their responsibility to educate and train their child.

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Mission Statement

The mission of Little Hearts and Hands Academy and Learning Center is to combine joy in learning with excellence in education.  We offer a program with strong academics that includes a Bible curriculum to help instill high morals and build good character in our future leaders.  We believe students thrive in a school where intellectual stimulation is high and where individual attention is given in a warm, family friendly and nurturing environment.

Our Programs


Transitional Kindergarten


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This would be for children who do not make the cut off date of September 1st

Our K-4 program is an educational progression for traditional preschool.  In K-4 your child will learn all the basics that most children will learn in Kindergarten.  Academically they will work on using a workbook, finding page numbers, how to cut, glue, recognize letters and sounds and even begin reading! They will work on problem solving skills, social skills and get to do so many fun hands-on projects.  If your child misses the kindergarten cut off, has a summer birthday, doesn’t need a nap or just needs an extra year to get kindergarten ready, this will be such a beneficial program.  This program not only prepares your child for kindergarten but helps them develop a love for learning.

Elementary 1st through 5th


A Time-Tested Approach

Our Kindergarten program is outstanding.  It is a perfect mix of structure and play/project based learning.  In Kindergarten, we really focus on teaching your child how to be kind, respectful and grow morally.  Of course academics are a top priority but teaching a love for learning and a love for others is of top importance as well.  In Kindergarten, we keep things interesting by providing learning opportunities that encourage hands-on exploration.  They will grow so much in this program and absolutely love school.


A Perfect Fit

In our 1st through 5th grade classes we promote the perfect mix of structure, exploration, independence and fun! Students are encouraged to work together to solve problems and are learning to stay focused for longer periods of time as they progress through our program. In addition to standard subjects, we include Bible lessons to teach about morals and kindness daily. Students begin to learn more detailed Bible stories that help them have a heart full of compassion, empathy and love.

Enrollment Packets

Application/Enrollment Form

This form is to be completed by a parent or guardian of the applicant.  A $60 non-refundable application fee must be attached.  The fee covers processing and screening costs and will not be applied towards tuition.

Tuition and Fees

Tuition and fees information packet, covers application fee, and per child pricing. After school rates for enrolled elementary students included.

Full Curriculum

This is the full detailed Curriculum for Little Hearts and Hands Kindergarten and the Elementary school programs.


When to Apply?

Little Hearts and Hands Academy encourages families to begin the application process in January but will accept applications until enrollment limits are reached. To ensure first day start, please apply by July 15th.

What's the Admission Process?

Arrange for a tour at our new building by calling 217-328-3532. We will have an open house on April 2nd, 2022 for the new school year too!

What's the Application Procedure?

  1. Complete application and parent questionnaire.

  2. Submit completed application with a recent picture of your child, parent questionnaire and a check for $60 (non-refundable application fee) payable to Little Hearts and Hands Academy or LH&H Academy.

  3. After acceptance we will schedule placement testing for your child.

Where Can I see the Full Curriculum?

In the section below you can download our complete curriculum chart. This includes both Kindergarten and Elementary curriculum break down by subject. Or you can just click here.

Contact Us

1912 E Windsor Road Urbana, IL 61802

(217) 328-2532

Thanks for submitting!

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